Integrated Water Resources Management: International Aspects (2+1 Credits) -- Professor Linus Zhang2019-01-19
Model-based design and optimization of solar energy technologies (3 Credits) -- Professor Raymond ADOMAITIS2019-01-19
Advanced Laser-based Manufacturing -from nano to macro, additive to subtractive (3 Credits) -- Professor Xin ZHAO2019-01-19
Cardiovascular Biomechanics and Modeling (3 Credits) -- Professor Ethan KUNG2019-01-19
The Big History of Our Planet: A Scientific Journey Over 14 Billion Years of Evolution (3 Credits) -- Professor William M.Y. CHEUNG2019-01-19
Robotics: Programming and Practice (3 Credits) -- Professor Guangming XIE2019-01-19
Artificial Organ Engineering (3 Credits) -- Professor Poh Foong LEE2019-01-19
Applied Analysis for Engineering Sciences (3 Credits) -- Professor Shaoqiang TANG2019-01-19
Simulation Methods for Optimization and Learning (3 Credits) -- Professor Bernd HEIDERGOTT2019-01-19
The Tissue Engineer’s Toolkit: Design and Evaluation of Regenerative Therapies (3 Credits) -- Professor Ken WEBB & Jeoung Soo LEE2019-01-19
Smart Materials and Adaptive Systems (3 Credits) -- Professor Greg WASHINGTON & Professor Farzad AHMADKHANLOU2019-01-19
Energy Economics and Finance (3 Credits) -- Professor Manuel PINHO2019-01-19
Financial Decisions in Engineering Project Management (3 Credits) -- Professor Daricha SUTIVONG2019-01-19
Inter-Cultural Design for a Responsible Business Model (4 Credits) -- Professor Marc LUCAS, Assoc. Dean2019-01-19
China Economy: Growth and Global Connections (3 Credits) -- Professor Susan MAYS2019-01-19